Working drawings

Working Drawings are the comprehensive detailed set of plans you need to obtain a building permit.  They include floor plans, elevations, section, site plan, footing & framing materials and dimensions, insulation and energy rating info and must demonstrate that the proposal will comply with the Building Act, Building regulations, Building Code of Australia (BCA) or National Construction Code (NCC) and relevant Australian Standards.  New House Plans also include floor & roof framing plans, electrical layout plans, BAL assessments, etc.

We can assist you if sub-consultants are required for other services such as soil testing or structural designs beyond standard framing & footing codes.

At Carter Perspective we are registered Building Practitioners with qualifications and experience in Building Surveying, Building Inspection, Building Design & energy ratings.    We design and document the working drawings for your project and  guide you in the right direction along the way.  We have a good working relationship with local building surveyors in the region to help you apply for  your building permit and resolve any issues that may arise.

Price for basic additions start at $1320

Price for basic single storey new home start at $2750

Price for larger or multi level new home start at $4400

Price for Commercial POA