pre-purchase inspections

Pre-Purchase inspections are an important tool for the home or commercial real estate purchaser to have in their hand when negotiating to buy an existing building.   Our detailed reports will ensure that you understand exactly what you are considering to buy and what if any problems are evident or are potentially lay ahead.  With the average house price locally around $500,000+ it is our opinion that obtaining a Pre-Purchase inspection report for less than $1000 makes a good investment.  In most cases we identify issues that buyers, having done a walk through, were totally unaware of.   In many cases, particularly when contracts have a condition regarding obtaining a satisfactory pre-purchase report, sale prices can be negotiated if genuine unforeseen issues are identified.

With our broad experience we can also provide advice on potential illegal works, rectification options, energy efficiency improvements and if alterations or extensions to the property are practical.

We also recommend buyers obtain Pest reports and Plumbing & Electrical reports (by other qualified contractors) in most cases.  We can help your with contacts for these contractors too if you need it.

Carter Perspective has a standard Pre-purchase agreement (required by law) that explains the report process and outcomes prior to our engagement.

Price for pre-purchase inspections start at $660