Planning Design development plans

Planning Design Development Plans are provided to our clients after developing a concept plan but when a development proposal requires a planning permit,  and a detailed justification to demonstrate compliance with the relevant Planning Scheme.  A typical example is for an application for 2 or more dwellings on a lot where an application for a planning permit must address clause 55 of the Planning Scheme including:

  • neighbourhood character
  • street setbacks
  • design response
  • density
  • daylight, overlooking & overshadowing
  • car-parking etc.

At Carter Perspective we have developed a good understanding of planning issues, with many years local government experience enabling us to produce clear documentation and supporting information.  We also have a good working relationship with local planning officers in our region.  We work closely with our local town planning consultants to ensure your design and application present your proposal to council with the right supporting documentation to make their assessment easier and all with the aim to obtain a timely planning permit for you.

Price for Planning Design Development plans start at $1320