Existing conditions plans

Existing Conditions plans are a valuable resource when planning a rennovation, refurbishment or extension, or if you have undocumented illegal building work or simply older building works where plans cannot be located.  We can undertake a site inspection and audit of works including measure up and photographing existing building and site conditions, documenting to scale existing works and providing you with a set of existing conditions plans, elevations and site plan.

Once the existing conditions plans are completed, it is then often a lot clearer understanding how the various parts of the building relate, if walls are load bearing or not, making planning for alterations or extensions much easier.

If we are documenting illegal works, we can also offer additional services to liaise with Council and a Private Building Surveyor to provide supporting documentation to justify the works, recommend rectification works and certification to seek to allow he works to remain.

Price fore Existing Conditions plans start at $770