Defects reports

Owner Builder Defect Reports are required to be done when an owner builder wants to sell their house within 6 years & six months of completing your Domestic Building Work.  These reports highlight to a buyer any defects and must be not more than six months old at time of sale.

Our reports comply with Section 137B of the Building Act and are done by a registered building practitioner with >20 years experience.

Be aware that after obtaining the report an owner builder must take out domestic building insurance for work over $16,000, to protect the person who buys your property. If a registered building practitioner carried out the work under a major domestic building contract, it should be covered by their domestic building insurance; but you also need your own domestic building insurance to cover your work. The insurance covers non-structural defects for two years and other defects for six years.

Price for Owner Builder Defects report start at $770